Scallorn points, from the collections at the Museum of the Coastal Bend

How do we learn about the earliest inhabitants of Texas when they left no written records? Through objects! Archaeology plays a big role in helping us understand how early people lived. Because of that, archaeology plays a large role in all areas of our exhibit. Keep an eye out for archaeological activities or content throughout this virtual exhibit!

What is archaeology? Archaeology is the scientific study of the material remains of our human past. Archaeological sites are generally characterized by the presence of artifacts. What are artifacts? Objects of past cultures and peoples. Learn more about the science of archaeology through these topics:

Archaeology in the Coastal Bend

MCB works with the Coastal Bend Archaeological Logistics Team (CoBALT) to preserve information from many of the archaeological sites in the Coastal Bend. The McNeill Ranch Site 41VT141 has been an active dig site for many years.